Microfinance company Credit CMB has changed its name
May 20th, 2019
Microfinance company Credit CMB has demonstrated that it deserves the trust and loyalty of its customers. Six years of activity are proof of real success, primarily due to a responsible and innovative team.

We have decided to join the international name of our company “Mikro Kapital”, which is a subsidiary of "Mikro Kapital" S.a.r.l., represented in more than 18 countries of the world. In the Republic of Moldova, we have been registered under the name of non-bank credit company OCN “Mikro Kapital Company” SRL. The idea behind Mikro Kapital is to finance small businesses, farmers and individuals. The Mikro Kapital Moldova team is made up of professionals with extensive experience, specialized in the use of microfinance techniques for investing in small businesses across emerging areas of the world, especially in Russia and Russian-connected countries, Central and East Asia and Latin America.

We have changed the name and logo, but the team remained the same: team made up of professionals, high-quality services, support for farmers, small and medium businesses.
Mikro Kapital Moldova can be characterized in three words: transparency, flexibility and speed.

Transparency, because we provide our customers all the information necessary to obtain the right financing.

Flexibility, because we take into account the financial situation of our clients, supporting them, even if the business is seasonal and requires grace periods and flexible loan repay schedules.
Speed, because time matters for any funding.

And since we are one family, in addition to financial support, we help our clients with financial education.
We currently provide business loans, farmers and individuals loans.

Now we have 6 branches open all over the country. You can find us in the cities: Chisinau, Balti, Soroca, Drochia, Comrat and Edinet, and we will open new branches to be as close as possible to our clients and to strengthen our presence in the Republic of Moldova.